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Brief History of ADA


The promulgation of ORGANIC ACT (R. A. 6734), was the best responsive measure of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). In the process of organizing the ARMM, there was a widely felt- need for competent executives and managers over the meaningful programming and wise disbursement of government fund, as well as for the competent and efficient program planning and development, and implementation of programs.

In order to respond to this need, one of the most of important offices that must be created immediately is the Development Academy (later known in short as  ADA), that is having a vision that is almost similar to that of the Development Academy of the Philippines.

The ADA is to undertake the task of designing and administering management education and training programs that would upgrade the technical knowledge and skills, and enhance the capability of the executives and managers already employed, and/ or to be employed in the different offices and agencies of the ARMM; and, those who shall be tasked with the meaningful planning, programming, and the efficient implementation of development programs.

With this vision in mind, therefore, former ARMM Regional Governor, Honorable Lininding P. Pangandaman, Al- Haj, signed and issued Executive Order No. 94-03 on February 9, 1994 which created the ARMM Development Academy, and started operating the following month. This Academy gave real meaning and significance to the provisions of Article II, Section 9 of Republic Act No. 6734 (RA 6734), mandating that the Organic Act of Muslim Mindanao and that of the Autonomous Region shall provide manpower training programs, create livelihood and job opportunities, allocate equitable preferential rights to inhabitants, and adopt laws that will safeguard the rights of the workers; Article XII, Section 2 which mandates that immediately after its organization, the Regional Government shall initiate, formulate and implement special development programs and projects, responsive to the particular aspirations, needs and values of the indigenous cultural communities; Article XIII, Section 14 providing that the Regional Government is hereby empowered to create pioneering firms and other business entities needed to boost economic development in the region; and, Article XVI, Section I mandates that the promotion of social justice shall include the commitment to create social, political and economic opportunities based on the freedom of initiative, resourcefulness and self- reliance. 

In the past, the capability needs of the ARMM executives and personnel were done by other institution like the Development Academy of the Philippines and similar institutions in greater Manila area, and/ or outside of the ARMM region. Each of the 3-5 ARMM personnel training participants would incur between Php 50,000 and Php75, 000 as training cost. But this training, when provided by ARMM-ADA will only cost the ARMM government about Php20, 000 at most, for the same number of participants. 

Being the only one in the Regional Autonomous Government, the ARMM- ADA can easily be the counterpart of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) in the ARMM. Given the needed resource capabilities, such as the moral and needed funds for its programs, the Academy shall be able to pursue its mandated goals and objectives – then, it can produce the desired executives and managerial workforce that will in turn transform the ARMM region into a self- reliant autonomous region by creative, dedicated, competent and client- oriented officials.

It is quite to note that the present  ARMM Regional Governor, Mujiv S. Hataman expressly sanctions this, and the support of his administration on the continuation of the programs and the projects of the ARMM- ADA. 

ARMM Development Academy is the central training institution of the autonomous regional government which aims to produce highly and globally competitive managers, administrators and workers who are abreast with the latest technologies and system of development management. 

It is a repository of human technological-development resources where executives from various fields may be brought together for a free, systematic exchange of ideas and experiences through an integrated course of studies. A center where a pool of scholars, specialists, and practitioners dedicated to increase and strengthen capacities in local governance and administering public services are convened to help in facilitating more dynamic learning methods. 

The ADA is a concrete response of the ARMM leadership in addressing the regional need for more competent executives to suit the particular need, conditions and problems of the constituency, especially in effectively and efficiently administering social and economic development programs.


Legal Mandate


The ARMM Development Academy (ADA) is one of the instruments of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) for development, specifically in developing the region’s resources. Executive Order No. 94-03, issued on February 9, 1994 and, reiterated by recently passed ARMM Administrative Code, institutionalize ADA by having the following powers and functions:

      1. Establish and maintain a self- sustaining training center in the region;
      2. Undertake surveys of training needs of various public agencies and offices in the ARMM, and conduct continuing education and promotion programs on effective management and public administration
      3. Develop training design and modules for the training programs and activities responsive to the needs of ARMM Human Resources;
      4. Develop and undertake comprehensive training programs;
      5. Establish and organize pool of trainers from among experts within and outside ARMM both government and non- government;
      6. Access and mobilize local and foreign resources to support implementation of its mandate as provided under the immediate preceding section and as maybe authorized by the Regional Governor in accordance with  existing law;
      7. Request assistance from other agencies or instrumentalities of  the Regional Government as maybe necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes for which the Academy had been created and established;
      8. Advise the Regional Governor on the promulgation of executive and administrative orders, including relative issuances and legislative proposals designed to strengthen the managerial competence and technical skills of the ARMM officials and employees.
      9. Operate and maintain a self- sustaining Regional Training Center that shall cater to various regional trainings, conferences, workshops and other related activities; and
      10. Exercise such other powers and functions as maybe provided for by law or as directed by the Regional Governor, to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of  public services  as well as to meet the requirements of development for competent manpower in Muslim Mindanao.



The Academy envisions to be a major capacity building provider in ARMM in the quest for people empowerment, transparent and accountable governance, sustainable peace building and economic development.

Core Values

The Academy is guided its operation through REFORM as its core values which mean:
R esponsible Citizenship and Accountability in Governance
nvironmentally Responsible and Empowerment of the Poor and the Marginalized and Equity-led Development
F ormation of Secured Communities
O neness and Integrity of the Creation
R esponsive Collaboration with Stakeholders
M eaningful Cooperation and Complementation Rather Than Exclusion


      1. SERVE as effective service provider in people empowerment endeavours towards an aware, well-equipped and responsible citizenry;
      2. DEVELOP and utilized technologies for a more sustained mobilization of individuals, groups, sectoral formations, and institutions for a meaningful governance, peace building and development initiatives; and
      3. PROVIDE avenues among ARMM key stakeholders and support organizations and institutions for cooperation, complementation of resources and consolidation of reform measures and efforts.

Goals and Objectives

The Academy hopes to accomplish the following goals:
Goal 1: Provided capability building to ARMM agencies, bureaus, offices and their respective partners organizations and institutions engaged in peace building, transparency and accountable governance.
To achieve Goal 1, the following are the specific objectives:
1. To conduct a baseline study on the capability building needs of the ARMM bureaucracy, partner organizations and institutions directly engaged in governance work, peace and development initiatives;
2. To develop and consolidate capability building designs either uniquely and commonly demanded by the ARMM agencies, bureaus, offices and their partner organizations and institutions;
3. To facilitate the availability of required resources and especially expertise, based on the demand ARMM agencies, and their partner organizations and institutions; and
4. To forge partnership agreements with organizations and institutions, which require capability building interventions.
Goal 2: Facilitated the meaningful establishment of legally and culturally accepted structures, mechanisms and processes within and outside the ARMM for transparent and accountable governance;
To achieve Goal 2, the following are the specific objectives:
1. To pro-actively engage the ARMM agencies, and their partner organizations and institutions, that need technical support to improve the delivery of services to their respective clientele such as either through bilateral and multilateral agreements;
2. To tap the expertise for transparent and accountable governance;
3. To facilitate electoral reform measures and activities to ensure the full democratization of elections; and
4. To act as technical service provider to governance stakeholders especially, the public and private sectorsand civil society organizations in their quest for participatory and accountable governance.
Goal 3: Facilitated the promotion of best practices and products as co-equally important area in the advocacy for peace and good governance.
To achieve Goal 3, the following are the specific objectives:
1. To conduct an inventory of good governance best practices and products;
2. To provide technical services in developing the IEC Management Plan to the identified and documented best practices
3. To help facilitate the mobilization of various communication groups and outlets in promoting good governance best practices and products.


1. Continuing formation, standardization and specialization of ARMM officers and personnel to be able to develop their abilities, and improve their service offerings to partner organizations and communities;
2. Capacitating rural and urban -based organizations and local partners to transform into Peace and Good Governance Oriented Organizations (PGOOs);
3. Continuing mobilization of local, national and international experts to enhance the capacity and productivity of Autonomous Regional Government by way of transferring advanced but transformative technologies;
4. Mitigating disasters and emergencies by capacitating the communities.
5. Building partnerships with the ARMM key stakeholders and support organizations and institutions towards the attainment of a more functional regional government and sustained development efforts.

Organizational Structure

The Academy is composed of the offices of the President and the Vice- Presidents with two (2) department such as: 1) Training/ Course Development Department ; and 2) Training Program/ Course Implementation Department. Each department shall be headed by a Training Director with a rank of Director. It shall be supported by the Administrative and Finance Division.
The ARMM Development Academy shall be governed by its Board of Trustees composed of five (5) members, and each shall serve for a term of four (4) years, to be appointed by the Regional Governor from among the different ethno linguistic groups in Muslim Mindanao. The President of the Academy shall sit in the Board as Ex- Officio Member. The Regional Governor is Honorary Chairperson of the Board and shall Chair the Board until the regular Chairperson is duly elected.
Thus, below is ADA’s transitional organigram:
Pursuant to and in conformity with existing regional laws and provisions, the Academy has the following organizational structure:


Programs and Services

The Academy can offer the following programs and services:
1. Electoral Reform and Responsible Governance (ERGOV)
  • Project Cycle Management (PCM)
  • Capability Building on Modern Governance Administration (MGA)
  • Capability Building on  Government Economic Promotion (GEP)
  • Capability Building on Fiscal Administration (CFA)
  • Electoral Reform Advocacy Planning and Implementation 

2. Peace Building (PEACEBUILD) 

  • Peace and Development Advocacy (PDA)
  • Peace based Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Culture of Peace (CoP) Seminar Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution and Conflict Transformation (CR-CT)
  • Media-based Advocacy (MBA)
  • Para-legal and Human Rights Education (PHRE)
  • Alternative and Transformative Peace Education (ATPE)
  • Peace-based Community Organizing and Development (PCOD)
  • Self-Transformation and Teambuilding (STT)
  • Peace Research and Development (PRD)
  • Research Agenda Formulation
  • Design Formulation, Implementation & Utilization
  • Seminar-workshops on Participatory Action Research Methodology

3. Product Promotion and(PRODEV)

  • Communication Planning
  • IEC Development and Management


Officers and Staff


Vice President

Executive Assistant I


Budget Officer I

Training Assistant I

Secretary I


Training Assistant

Computer Operator

Research Assistant


Management Information Specialist

Administrative Aide I

Administrative Aide I


Administrative Aide

Administrative Aide


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Business Address

ARMM Development Academy Japan-ARMM Friendship Hall and Training Center, ORC Complex, Cotabato City, Philippines 9600
Telephone Number

(064) 552.01.73
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